Can i just say that Prince Harry talking with Michelle Obama & Jill Biden about Military families, and no doubt, the ‘Joining Forces’ campaign made my entire week! I AM ON CLOUD NINE. Literally I’ve worked so close with my company, ensuring jobs for veteran soldiers, and their spouses, as part of Michelle & Jill’s hard work at ensuring better lives to those that give theirs for our safety. We went to a conference at the White House back in April, invited for our efforts, to continue in being a part of the movement, and I was just moved on a whole new level. Prince Harry taking the time out to speak with them, and attend to the families, playing his life and time in the RAF back, just means so freaking much to me you don’t even understand. I cried about it, and just….my love for him has skyrocketed because he has the best heart I’ve ever seen. His empathy is astounding. Bless him <3

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